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Islamic Foundation of Toronto Presents

 Voting – Spread the Word

Get out to vote and enrich the Multi-Culturalism of Canada

 We are pleased to announce the program

‘Your Vote is your Voice – Vote and be Counted’

 When: October 11th 2pm to 5pm

Where: Gymnasium, Islamic Foundation of Toronto

  441, Nugget Avenue, Toronto, M1S 5E1

 Voting is a symbol of your commitment to make a positive difference in Canada.This program will provide information on:

·         The Islamic Perspective on Voting by Shaykh Yusuf Badat

·         Presentations by Lawyers on some of the Bills pertaining to immigration policies (Bill C-51 and C-24)

·         Will your children recognize your Canada -  Presentation by The Canadian Muslim Vote

Please Note:  Islamic Foundation of Toronto is a national, not for profit/charitable, non-partisan organization which promotes civic participation but do not endorse and/or promote any political party or candidate.  

Road Construction Notice

Road and Sidewalk Construction on Nugget Avenue from Shorting Road to Markham Road.
More Details click on the link below.

Liver Transplant for survival

Usman Qureshi, Brother of Br. Yahya Qureshi, Principal IFS  is critically ill with liver failure and urgently requires a liver transplant for survival.  We are appealing to the community to help find a suitable liver donor to save his life.  The doctors assure us that he is otherwise very healthy and that a liver transplant will save his life, restore him to great health and give him many more wonderful years with his family, Insha'Allah.Please go to the website, www.saveusman.com and you find the application form to start the donor assessment.  We need many donors in order to find a match to save Br. Usman's life. Also IFT website has information about him and there are posters on the notice boards around the Masjid. You can also see Br. Yahya in his office.

Jazak'Allah Khairan.

Fountain of Youth an Education Initiative

Islamic Foundation of Toronto initiative of evening Friday school,

Is going to restart from Oct 23, 2015 and 

Registration Oct 16, 2015.

From 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM at High School Building.

For More Info click below link


Islamic Foundation School-Durham Second Elementary School of Islamic Foundation of Toronto

With great humility and humbleness, Only and Only due the Rehma and Karaam of Allah (swt) the Rabb of all the worlds, Alhamdulillah, on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, your Islamic Foundation of Toronto official opened Islamic Foundation School – Durham, located at 2944 Audley Road North, in Ajax, Ontario. A state of the art Elementary school.
Sixteen acres of land with a stunning 25,000 sq. ft. school building fully renovated with most modern facilities could only happen first and foremost because of the blessings of Allah (swt), thereafter, duas and hard-work of many and because of our committed community that has a grand vision to provide facilities for our children to fulfill their dreams of excellence in Islamic education and professional leadership in Canada and around the world. 
We are ever so grateful to all our community members who put faith in IFT to deliver what was promised to them, gave us their kind donations as we asked for and encouraged us to convert, dreams into reality.
We are very fortune and lucky Canadian Muslims community whose faith and determination is powerful and pragmatic towards achieving targeted goals within prescribed time. In 1993 our first Islamic Foundation Elementary school was established and then in 2002 first High School was opened and Alhamdulillah now second Elementary School has been inaugurated. We are already thinking of a second High School to be established in a few years and Insha’Allah, Islamic Foundation International University in the near future. 
This will Insha’Allah happen when we will continue to have such a strong community backing as yours. Attached are some pictures of our auspicious First day of school at IFS-Durham.   
JazakAllāh Khair wa Ahsan ul Jaza, for your continued Duas and Support. 
Majlis Al Shura / Trustees


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