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Khatmul Quran and Dua Night

Insha Allah Khatmul Quran and Dua Night @ Islamic Foundation of Toronto is on July 1st Friday night. So please don’t miss the blessed night of Ramadan here at IFT.

Ramadan Food, Gift and Toy Drive

Islamic Foundation of Toronto 
Hot Soup Days 
Ramadan Food, Gift & Toy Drive 
from June 14-19, 3-6 PM
in room 109 @ 431 Nugget Ave.
For more Info please visit below link,

"Gift for You"

Allhamdulillah Islamic Foundation of Toronto is initiating "Gift for You" project in the blessed month of Ramadan. For you have made small gift boxes which can distributed to your neighbors who will be informed about this blessed month. A special gift-box has been designed and prepared which contains two brochures one on information about Ramadan and the other on outreach activities of IFT and a premium Swiss Chocolate. The cost of each box is only $5 and is being provided on just to cover the cost. Fulfill your religious and neighborly rights by being part of Gift for You, project.

Islamic Foundation School @ Durham

With great humility and humbleness, Only and Only due the Rehma and Karaam of Allah (swt) the Rabb of all the worlds"

Alhamdulillah, your Islamic Foundation of Toronto officially opened Islamic Foundation School – Durham, located at 2944 Audley Road North, in Ajax, Ontario. A state of the art Elementary school with sixteen acres of land having a stunning 25,000 sq. ft. school building fully renovated with most modern facilities.


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