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Fund Raising Dinner - June 7th

Islamic Foundation is having a Fundraising event for its Academic projects. The event will take place in our Gym on June 7th. Keynote speaker is Dr. Munir El Kassem. Tickets are available from IFT offices. For more details please see the event flyer.

Another Community Project by IFT

It is with great pleasure and appreciation for Allah's tremendous blessing that The Islamic Foundation of Toronto has been given another great opportunity to further serve the Muslim community.

IFT will be starting State of the Art Educational Venture at the recently purchased 15-acre property with a 25,000 sq. ft. building, located at 2944 Audley Road North, in Ajax, Ontario. To read more:

Friday Tutorial School Schedule

Please be advised that Friday school will be closed on7th March 2014 due to Qiraat competition and it will also be closed on14th March 2014 due to March Break. Enjoy Qiraat competition and March Break!  Friday school will reopens on 21/Mar./2014

IFT Majlis Composition

After the election on January 19th, the new IFT Majlis  had its meeting and approved the following composition:

President - Hasan Osman Macci
Vice President - Abdool Kaioom Khan
Secretary - Waris Malik
Joint Secretary - Naseem Mahmood
Treasurer - Salahudin Khan
Joint Treasurer - Mohammed Kasimuddin
Director - Syed Mukarram

Announcement of Election Result

The following are declared as elected in the Election of Majlis Al Shura on January 19, 2014, during the Special Annual General  Meeting – for a one year term:

  1.       Khan, Abdool Kaioom – Member # 1124

2.       Malik, Waris – Member  # 1971

3.       Mukarram, Syed – Member # 1732

 The following are declared as elected in the Election of Majlis Al Shura on January 19, 2014, during the Special Annual General  Meeting – for a two year term:

  1.       Khan, Salahudin – Member # 1225

2.       Macci, Hasan Osman – Member # 1025

3.       Kasimuddin, Mohammed – Member #1066

4.       Mahmood, Naseem – Member # 1292

Rays of Islamic Sciences

The Rays of Islamic Sciences 2013-2014 classes resumed as of Sunday Sept.15th, 2013 and will continue until Sunday, Jun. 8th, 2014, inshaa'Allah. The Beginner and Advanced classes will take place every Sunday at the IFT. Below are the timings:

Beginner's - 12:00 pm - 12:45pm
Advanced - 12:45 pm - 01:30pm

*These timings will change slightly when Daylight Savings Time comes into effect. Each student will receive more details later, inshaa'Allah.*

If you would like to (re)-register for the Beginner's / Advanced classes, please contact us at sana.samdani@islamicfoundation.ca. There is a one-time registration fee of $50.00.


Please see the document below.

Click to view:

Court Documents

Please click to view:

Friday School

Our Friday Tutorial School program will reconvene mid-November 2013. The school wishes you a blessed Summer and Ramadan with family and friends!

Rays Class Timing Change

This is just a reminder that Rays classes will now begin at 12 pm and end at 1:30 pm. The first half is beginner and second half is advanced.

Advance Arabic Program

IFT Dawah Department has started an advanced Arabic program which is being held Thursdays and Saturdays. This program leads into a part time Aalim program. The cost of this Course is $30.00 per month. For those who are interested or have questions, please see details and registration in the main office.

Rays of Islamic Sciences

Due to Daylight Savings Change, the Beginner's Rays Class will now begin at 10:30 am - 11:30 am. The Advanced class will be from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.


  •  Fund Raising Dinner - June 7th (11MB)
  •  Another Community Project (2MB)
  •  Jan 19th Election Results (59kB)
  •  IFT Constitution - May 2006 (442kB)
  •  Membership Reinstatement Form (191kB)
  •  IFT Balance Sheets 2006-2012 (201kB)
  •  IFT Income Statements 2006-2012 (198kB)
  •  Official IFT Town Hall Meeting Invitation (56kB)
  •  Membership list with updated addresses (402kB)
  •  Audit of Financial Statements (250kB)
  •  NOTICE from Islamic Foundation of Toronto (648kB)
  •  Issue Order of Justice Lederer (Sept 16) (3MB)
  •  Judge hand written (2MB)
  •  Minutes of Settlement (11MB)
  •  IFT Khatam-ul-Qura'an (465kB)
  •  Eid Prayer Flyer - Markham Fair Grounds (2MB)
  •  IFT Profile July 2013 (301kB)
  •  IFT Achievements July 2013 (1MB)
  •  Foundation Achievements Letter Q1 2013 (1MB)
  •  Free Tax Clinic by IFT (24kB)
  •  Fundraising Carnival for Syria (336kB)
  •  Health Care Event (335kB)
  •  Event - Finality of Prophethood (785kB)
  •  Youth around the Messenger (PBUH) (5MB)
  •  Eid Fun Night 2012 Flyer (619kB)
  •  Friday Tutoring Program (202kB)
  •  Friday Tutoring - Sign-up form (310kB)
  •  Friday Tutoring - Volunteer form (307kB)
  •  Appreciation Dinner Nominations (217kB)
  •  Appreciation Dinner Sponsorship (411kB)
  •  Appreciation Dinner 2012 Flyer (3MB)
  •  Ramadan 2012 Booklet (2MB)
  •  Achievements Letter - July 2012 (3MB)
  •  Ramadan 2012 Time Table (4MB)
  •  Hajj 2012 Reservation Form (175kB)
  •  Hajj 2012 General Information (195kB)
  •  Hajj 2012 Terms and Conditions (85kB)
  • Upcoming Events

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