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[] [May 28, 2016]

Words of Wisdom

The Prophet used to start everything from the right (for good things) whenever it was possible in all his affairs; for example: in washing, combing or wearing shoes. (Al-Bukhari 1.418)

Majlis Al Shura (Board of Directors)

Full Name Title Email
Hasan Osman Macci President hmacci@islamicfoundation.ca
Salahudin Khan Vice President skhan@islamicfoundation.ca
Waris Malik Secretary wmalik@islamicfoundation.ca
Mirza Hakeem Baig Joint Secretary hakeem.baig@gmail.com
Khalid Mughal Treasurer khalid1090@hotmail.com
Naseem Mahmood Joint Treasurer nmahmood@islamicfoundation.ca
Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri Director shahtoronto@gmail.com
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