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[] [July 22, 2014]
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The Prophet used to start everything from the right (for good things) whenever it was possible in all his affairs; for example: in washing, combing or wearing shoes. (Al-Bukhari 1.418)

Summer Hifz & Summer School Programs

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Summer Program Announcements


Assalamu Alaikum 

Please be advised that there will be no classes on Friday July 25, 2014 for Summer Hifz students. 

Classes will resume on August 11, 2014. Classes will take place Monday to Friday 8:15 am to 3:15 pm.

Those students who are registered for July only and wish to continue in August are requested to register by tomorrow Tuesday July 22, 2014.


Please note that the last day of Summer School is Friday July 25, 2014.

We hope your child had a beneficial and enjoyable few weeks at the IFT Summer School!

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