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[] [November 29, 2015]
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Words of Wisdom

The Prophet used to start everything from the right (for good things) whenever it was possible in all his affairs; for example: in washing, combing or wearing shoes. (Al-Bukhari 1.418)

Sunday School


 Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We at the IFT Sunday School would like to welcome you to another year. We hope you all had a blessed Ramadan and a wonderful summer.

Please be advised of the following: 

1. The first day of school is Sunday September 13, 2015. Students arrival time is between 9:45 -  9:55 a.m.  All students are expected to be seated in class by 9:55 a.m. After 9:55 am, students will be considered late.

2. Parking: As you arrive, please follow the directions of the parking attendants. Their job is the safety of you and all the children.

3. Dress Code for students in grade 1 and above is as follows:

     Boys:  Pants (no shorts allowed in class) and a shirt with no pictures of animate objects on it, thobe, and/or shalwar kameez, as well as a Kufi (topi) are permitted

Girls:  Must wear a white Hijab (headscarf) as well as a black abaya. The entire body must be covered except the hands and face. No tight clothes are permitted.

4. The Islamic Foundation is a nut-free facility. Please ensure any snacks that are sent to school are nut free for the safety of the children.

5. Break: There will be a 15 minute break time for all students from 12:20 to 12:35 pm. Please ensure your child/children have a (nut-free) snack with them when they arrive.  Please note that students are not permitted to leave the Masjid premises. Students of ANY grade are not allowed to go to Tim Hortons or Wendy's.

6. Books: Students will be given their book packages in their respective classes on the first day. Please send your children with a backpack so they can carry their books home.

7.  Agenda: All students will receive an agenda and are expected to write down their weekly homework. Please review the agenda every Sunday evening and help them to accomplish their assignments. The agenda can also be used to communicate with teachers and vice versa. 

8.  Class Location: To find your child's class, please refer to the signs posted around the building indicating the classroom numbers for all the grades. Please note that some grades have double classes. For those grades, the names of the students in the respective classes will be posted outside the classroom. 

9. Insha-Allah we will have a Parents Info Session on October 4, 2015 at 10:30 am.

10. Cellphones and electronic devices are not allowed on the premises for the students. 

We make du'aa that the children have a successful year filled with gaining knowledge and wisdom and may Allah help them to practice all that they learn during the course of the year, insha-Allah. 

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