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The Las Vegas Tragedy

3 October, 2017

The Islamic Foundation of Toronto condemns the horrific mass shooting that took place at the beginning of the week in Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected including the over 50 dead and 500 injured. We pray for healing, recovery, peace and stability.

On the same note, we implore the authorities and media to call out the crime as it is. The perpetrator(s) terrorized the masses and therefore it should be reported and considered such. Selective justice and reporting does not serve to unite communities nor does it better the world. Justice for all (without discrimination), is the foundation to world peace. The Islamic Foundation of Toronto appeals to law enforcement agencies, governments and the media to report and investigate such tragedies with honesty and fairness.

The Islamic Foundation of Toronto condemns hate and violent extremism in all its forms. This is against the core teachings of Islam.

We reiterate our stance on living peacefully and coexisting with all citizens of the world regardless of faith, background and persuasions. We continue to work with all our community and government partners to confront violent extremism, islamophobia and hate.

May love, peace, harmony, prosperity and safety prevail for all.

Thank you,

Akbar Warsi
Islamic Foundation of Toronto

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