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Press Release from IFT Board of Directors


15 May 2018

The Islamic Foundation of Toronto has been notified of a message circulated from an unidentified person claiming to be an ex-Majlis member.

We are dismayed at the unfounded allegations. We hereby clarify the following:

  1. With the support of the community, as a registered charity with the government of Canada, we have provided millions of dollars in relief to many destinations including sponsoring Syrian new-comers. All our operations are through registered NGO partners in the countries we provide relief in. Our accounts and operations are audited on a yearly basis.
  2. All operations at the IFT are approved by the Majlis (IFT board). No individual director or board member can act alone.
  3. Our elections to appoint board members and trustees are as per the constitution of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto Inc. Members elect the board on a yearly basis according to the law of the land. We welcome anyone to review and or observe the election process. We also continue to appeal to the youth to become members and take on the leadership for the future of Islamic Foundation of Toronto.
  4. Zakat funds are distributed to rightful recipients by the Zakat committee which is duly approved by the entire IFT board. Again, no board member or director may act alone in this matter.
  5. Despite the fact that IFT has faced some challenges in our school, we have no intention to close down the school. The IFT will do its best with the support of the community to continue providing the school services as long as fiscally possible.

In conclusion, we invite whoever has written the post being circulated and any other individual to meet us in person, to view our audited reports and documents of operations at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto at any time. We take accountability and transparency seriously and continue to appeal to the community to support the Islamic Foundation of Toronto and its non-profit services.

We wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.

Thank you, Jazak Allah Khayr,

Board of Directors,
Islamic Foundation of Toronto

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