Waiting List

Our Policy

Due to high demand especially for junior grades, IFS maintains a waiting list which acts as an expression of interest to register their child for the desired school year(s). Since the demand is the highest for early school years, many parents sign-up on the waiting list as soon as the child is born. We cannot admit a child to the official waiting list without a birth certificate.

If and when a seat becomes available in any grade, the following will be given priority:

  1. With the $50.00 registration fee, your child's name can be on the registered waiting list for a maximum of two years. If you wish to register your child on the waiting list for more than two years, please complete a separate application form along with an additional $50.00 registration fee.

  2. The parent/guardian will be notified only when the student is offered the admission between September and June.

  3. Once the school offers the admission, the parent should accept the admission.  Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the child's name from the current and the following year waiting list.

If you have further questions please contact the School Office at 416-321-3776 or use the contact form below.

Scarborough Campus

This is our main campus with two adjacent buildings located at 441 & 431 Nugget Avenue are at the intersection of Markham Road & Nugget Avenue. This campus features all grades from K-12 and through strong leadership and hard work, it built the reputation IFS celebrates today.

Durham Campus

This is our newly acquired campus on 12 acres of land located at 2944 Audley Road in Ajax, Ontario.  After acquiring this property, IFS has invested over $1M in infrastructure implementation, renovations, and upgrades. This campus features all grades from K-8 and has shorter wait lists.