Alhamdulillah, with your help, IFT collected $1750.00 last Friday. We thank you and deeply appreciate your contributions. May Allah swt bless you all, for making a difference in the communityVolunteers assigned for line collection, please proceed now.


Collection after Prayers is for Masjid Darul Iman (Markham). Please donate generously.

Our Youth committee Annual Community Carnival is currently in its planning phase and we are looking for businesses and organizations to help cover the costs of this event. If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, please visit the personnel in the Masjid office or email, [email protected]


With Ramadan approaching we are accepting requests for Iftar donations and Sponsorships.  We have Iftar arrangements for the whole month of Ramadan. Individuals or businesses can sponsor the Iftar. The cost for ten persons Iftar is $80.00. Please contact the Office for further details.


May Allah SWT shower His mercy and blessings upon you and your loved ones this Ramadan, Please note the following:


  1. Shaykh Badat will carry out special spiritual talk after Taraweeh on every Friday and Saturday.
  2. Don’t forget to pay Fitrah for your loved ones Minimum @$8 per person as soon as possible to enable us to distribute right away. Please note that Fitrah has to be paid before end of Ramadan.
  3. Pay Fidya @$10 per day.
  4. Pay your Zakah. Calculation chart has been printed in our program booklet. If you have not received one, it is available at the office.
  5. Babysitting services will be available for Isha and Taraweeh for children aged four plus.
  6. We are requesting you all too please extend full cooperation to volunteers and staff so that we can serve you better.
  7. As usual we have parking arrangements at IFT’s buildings and Estate Banquet Hall


The management is requesting all parents that their children be kept with them at all times and the children should not be going out of IFT premises during Taraweeh Prayers. Children should not play and run around inside the Masjid premises and should be reminded about the etiquettes of Masjid and to observe silence at all times. Sisters are reminded to use the south side entrance for entering and exiting the Masjid premises except the elderly or mothers with strollers. Jazakumullah Khairun for your full co-operation and understanding.


IFT management is requesting all the congregates to do not park your vehicles in Leons Furniture Parking lot.


Islamic Foundation of Toronto is pleased to offer Summer Jobs opportunities for the students. The jobs are for youth programs, literacy programming etc.  Please submit your resumes to [email protected] .  May 10th is last day of submission please send your resume.


For Funeral Services we have a Cadillac Wagon and a Mini Van. Alhamdulillah the Mini Van has been in service for almost twenty years and we are in need to buy a new Mini Van. The cost for the van is $30,000. If 30 congregants donate $1000 each we can easily achieve the target. But, no donation is big or small, you are requested to contact our office to donate.


The Dawah Department of IFT is hereby inviting all congregants to join us for a ring of peace at a Sri Lankan Church in Markham. 

We must show our solidarity and stand together with victims.

Please see details below:

Date : Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Time : 4:15-5:30

Ring of Peace to be formed at the church : 4:30pm-5:30pm

Church : Markham Christian Worship Centre

Address : 4581 14th Ave, Markham, ON L3S 3K2

Please join us and share with family and friends.


In the light of recent shooting in the Mosque in New Zealand, Islamic Foundation is taking security measures including additional exits in front of the prayer hall. We are appealing to all the community to please donate generously.


Let’s pray together to Allah SWT for His mercy upon our brothers& sisters, elders and children’s who are in distress around the World, Aameen.

Please switch off your cell phone. Please stand up and sit down to make some room in halls.