Board of Trustees

Name Title Email
Mobashsher Khan Chairman [email protected]
Abid Khatib Syed Vice Chairman [email protected]
Ased Malik Treasurer Trustee [email protected]
Mohamed Shafeek Secretary [email protected]
Shafqat Khan [email protected]

Board of Directors

Name Title Email
Mohammed Anwar President [email protected]
Akbar Warsi Vice President [email protected]
Khaleel Khan Secretary [email protected]
Naseem Mahmood Joint Secretary [email protected]
Hasan O Macci Treasurer [email protected]
Syed Shah M. Quadri Joint Treasurer [email protected]
Hakeem Baig Director [email protected]

IFS School Board

Name Title Email
Syed Waseeq Ahmed
Aatif Choudhry
Nizam Hussain
Akbar Warsi