Hot Soup Days

Celebrating diversity one meal at a time

Islam places great emphasis on respecting and dignifying seniors, whether they are Muslims or not. Therapeutic relationships between individuals are an elemental aspect of our faith, with a special focus on maintaining good relations with elders.

To please Allah (God) through helping our neighbours with the basic human necessities, primarily through a scrumptious meal served with the highest standard of care in a restaurant-like environment with an atmosphere of warmth and understanding.

The Hot Soup Day is run by a team of highly dedicated volunteers and has been making a noticeable difference in our community for over 13 years.

Designed as the first ever “Free Restaurant” for the homeless and needy, at present food is served to more than 750 people every Saturday, and goes as far as delivering meals right to various shelters, and the homes of those unable to attend. This program is open to the entire community irrespective of faith, race, or culture.

Call for Volunteers

Are you interested in making a difference? Are you interested in playing your part in bridging communities and in sharing your positivity? Please use the volunteer registration form on this page to get started.a

Hot Soup Day