Islamic Foundation School

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This page outlines the admission requirements at the Islamic Foundation School (IFS). If you're interested in admitting your child to IFS, please ensure all requirements are met.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Admissions Overview


Admissions for Kindergarten to Grade 8 are currently Open. Please click below to download registration package.


March 2018 - IFS is currently recruiting OCT Teachers qualified in the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate Divisions for their Occasional Teacher Roster. Interested candidates are requested to submit a cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

Scarborough Campus

This is our main campus with two adjacent buildings located at 441 & 431 Nugget Avenue are at the intersection of Markham Road & Nugget Avenue. This campus features all grades from K-8 and through strong leadership and hard work, it built the reputation IFS celebrates today.

Durham Campus

This is our newly acquired campus on 12 acres of land located at 2944 Audley Road in Ajax, Ontario.  After acquiring this property, IFS has invested over $1M in infrastructure implementation, renovations, and upgrades. This campus features all grades from K-12 and has shorter wait lists.